Sunday, February 19, 2012

Here goes ANOTHER try at blogging......

It been years since I have dawned the world of blogging to make my mark. Over the past few, life has taken many unexpected turns, and yet here I am still... happy, mostly healthy, and in awe of my life.

I thank who i call "God", for the goodness, and richness, Jonny and I experience in our life, however tumultuous our relationship is (mine and God's;)

Im convinced, in the midst of my "20's to 30's letting go stage" (of thinking I know anything about God, and spirituality), that unlearning is how God speaks to me.

Blended family has been one of those gifts, full and ripe with "unlearning" lessons. 

It seems this old home we live in mirrors the progress of our family unity and collective healing. Our seams are sometimes unraveled, and one, or all of us... experience times of pain. Im sure this old house groans and rejoice's with us as we fall apart, and then inevitably heal. If only the walls could talk. 

How far this brood of boys and I have come in 3 short years. 

- C

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Colleen Currie said...

Im sure there will be many more "letting go stages" to come.......